The Otterlo model is innovative, intelligent &  collaborative; a formulated framework that is creating significant short & long term value


Otterlo London is a specialist developer and developer manager with a growing reputation for intelligent and innovative delivery of complex projects


  • Realise capital growth through development & development management

  • Innovative property selection with focus towards residential led mixed use development in London's inner villages - incorporating office, retail, hotel and/or student housing

  • Locate sites where complexity presents opportunities to add significant value through intelligent development management

  • Contribute positively to the communities and neighbourhoods in which Otterlo operates



  • Combining a bespoke approach and attention to the finer detail with the capabilities and covenant of larger partners, Otterlo forms tailored joint ventures providing an edge over our competition - large and small

  • Collaborating with the industry's most admired organisations and talented individuals to package expertise, capability and funding generates buildings and spaces that are both profitable and that enhance the neighbourhoods in which Otterlo is operates

  • Otterlo originates majority of projects through working with motivated and forward-looking landowners to realise unusual and rich visions that eclipse the usual asset management / disposal routes

  • Otterlo has formulated a dynamic development agreement framework with allows landowner and developer to crystalise optimal development value 

  • Otterlo invests equity into each project and is dedicated to navigating astutely all elements of development risk enhancing returns at every step

  • Otterlo consciously drives the standards of architecture and detail higher. This is right for London. And is right commercially

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Lucian Grant has a reputation for realising and delivering complex development projects in collaboration with London property's most talented individuals and organisations.

He founded Otterlo to forge a new path in the London residential development sector - building a track record of working with risk adverse institutional landowners via innovative development agreement frameworks.

Beyond development Lucian has a background in architecture education and practice. An outlet for a passion for creating and appreciating how places and spaces can improve the experience of users within & without.


Lucian lives in a central London community, akin to those in which Otterlo works, with his wife and two boys. London is his canvas for family, work, play, for life.